JTCS Rink Advertising Opportunities

The Canterbury Community Association (CCA) is offering rink board advertising opportunity at the Jim Tubman SENS Rink located at the Canterbury Recreation Complex at 2185 Arch Street, Ottawa.

This space attracts thousands of visitors each year which will only increase as the CCA and the City of Ottawa expand program offerings. The rink’s authentic hockey boards provide a great advertising opportunity to help increase visibility for your company, business and organization.


  • $700 per 1-year term.


  • We offer this opportunity for 1-year-long terms since the boards are up all year round.
  • We require you to purchase and provide a minimum of 3 vinyl ads (dimensions vary)
  • We are responsible for all maintenance and supervision, including all sign application and removal.

How To Apply

If you are interested in advertising on our boards, email us at rink@cca-acc.ca and our advertising administrator will guide you through the process.